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By Zoe Atiko




a self-governing state.

About Us

Zoë Atiko is a multi-disciplinary artist currently based in London working within the fields of Costume Design, Fashion Millinery and Performance Art.

REIGN is her first line of ready-to-wear harnesses and accessories. Previously produced as made-to-measure only to direct clients, REIGN’s entire collection is now available to buy online with a fully adjustable size range.

REIGN embraces the concept of embodied self-empowerment through erotic and aesthetic pleasure. It conceives of bodies not as objects or commodities, but sovereign authorities of pleasure and self-knowledge — undefined by culture, association, or trend.

REIGN’s provocative vision nods to fetish culture, but seeks to dissolve the boundaries between private and public, insider/outsider. REIGN celebrates the potential of both fashion and self as a site of bold, fluid expression and continual reinvention. It gives power to the uncompromising enjoyment of one’s own body and sexuality, without judgment or categorisation.

About Us

Designer and maker Zoë Atiko created REIGN OF SOVEREIGNTY as a celebration of her own journey thus far. The brand was inspired by the diversity and creative expression she found within Berlin’s club scene.

Zoë’s work has evolved from early experiments in clubwear and harnesses, frequently worn by dancers and performance artists in and beyond the burlesque and fetish scene, to a line of high-end bespoke harness lingerie and outerwear produced for fashion styling across many contexts. Zoë frequently works closely, sensitively, and with uncompromising passion for and with her clients to consistently create an intimate experience and unique result.

Now, with this latest collection, her designs are also available as ready-to-wear pieces, but with the same eye for detail, unique aesthetic, and high-end craftsmanship as ever. Zoë’s vision is based on a desire to recognise the value of the erotic, beyond pornographic and commodified sexuality — the idea of pleasure as a liberatory force, for everyone, everywhere, no matter who they are.